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Matt Lewis Fan Community

Matt Lewis Info and Images
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This community is devoted to the young actor Matt Lewis.

Matthew Lewis is a very talented 16-year-old Brit. He is best known for his role as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, but has also had other roles (not so surprising since his family are in the business). Though his role in Harry Potter is still small, it is evident that Matthew is quite a talented lad.

This community is for fans of Matt to share news, photos and other materials about him. As such, it has a few guidelines (edited Dec. 2005):

-Please keep posts on-topic. This is a Matt Lewis/Neville Longbottom community, and all posts should be directly related to the subject.
-Please write in clear English. This means no netspeak.
-When you join the community, please post an introduction and why you joined (optional.)
-Don't advertise communities/sites unless they are related to Matthew.
-If you are going to post a link to an article or picture, please check to see if it's been mentioned recently.
-Respect Matt's privacy. "Stalker" questions are quite simply not okay. This means asking for his address, his personal email, or any information of that sort.
-Don't flame anyone. Please.
-If you are posting large images/articles, please put them under a cut for convenience.
-Graphics (wallpapers, icons, etc.) should be put under a cut.

Thank you!